Decoration solar Xmas fairy string lights

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Product Features:

Greenough Garden Laser Light is a laser light system that illuminates a huge area with thousands of gorgeous, colorful lights. Simply find a location indoor or outdoor to place it and illuminate a huge area with brilliant red and green sprinkles.
With the remote in hand and extra-long power cable, easily control the laser light’s modes from a distance. In addition to Christmas, use this light year round to bring the stars indoors, to light up a hall or space, or even to create a fantasy world in your little kids’ bedroom, Gardens, trees, parties, stage shows, flowers, bars, walls, lawns, sign age, Halloween.

Easy Way For Decoration
The star shower laser light can be placed anywhere you like in your yard, just plug it in and switch it on to get thousands of dazzling stars lighting the night up instantly.
No more waste hours struggling with strands of hanging lights or get up on a ladder to put them on.
Party light
Decoration Light
children’s toys
Replace for the string light
Lawn Lamps


Technical Details:
Products Features: 
 1. This wonderful string light illuminates during night, ideal for decorating your gardens, patio, lawn, porch, gate, yard, etc. 
 2. Super long working time, it can continuously work more than 8 hours at night if the panel absorbs enough sunshine during day.
 3. Waterproof, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
 4. Solar powered panel is stood by a 20cm garden spike. With ON/OFF, MODE switches.
 5. With 2 switch, one is Mode (Flashing mode convert switch), another is Power On/Off(After switch turned on, can automatic light control and charging).


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